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Why bicycle touring? 
                                                                                                                     Touring is the ultimate way to explore a region. You can see new and exciting things while you get the opportunity to make lasting friendships. Instead of seeing things through a windshield as you go down the highway, you and your group will cycle the back roads of some of North America's most beautiful areas. The groups will find fairs, festivals and celebrations that make summer come alive. With the help of your group, you'll learn to work together as a team, sharing the excitement of a great day. You'll laugh until it hurts and share stories of your adventures around the glow of a campfire. Touring is also a great way to gain the pride of accomplishment when you reach each destination under your own power.
What is a typical day? Most groups wake up, pack and try to get on the road by
9:00am. This gives you more time to enjoy the day instead of rushing to get to your destination. Lots of things happen along the road while you travel by bicycle. All groups have detailed itineraries informing them of special events, interesting sights, and great things to do in
each location. Choosing from the options is a group decision, so each trip is unique. Some groups choose to bike extra miles to hike to a waterfall while others may decide to arrive at a campground early to swim before dinner. While biking days are usually full and don't allow for lots of other activities, there are days scheduled in so you and your group can take a break from cycling to enjoy the local area. Evenings are spent around campfires, on stargazing walks, playing games, meeting to debrief the day, exploring
towns or enjoying a movie. We don't have set bed times for our groups, but we schedule quiet hours when people need to be in their tents or bunks so everyone can get a good night's sleep in order to make the most of the next day!


Can I do it? If you are willing to work together with your group, keep a positive attitude, put energy into succeeding and improving yourself, then yes, you can! It helps to choose the appropriate trip for your ability level. Most people find it helpful to speak with us before they decide, as we can more thoroughly explain the trip ratings.

Self- supported tours.  This means you travel with all your worldly possessions on the back of your bike. Panniers (these look like saddlebags) for your clothes and personal items go on the back of the bike. You can place additional items, such a sleeping bag, tent, etc. on top of the panniers. Rental panniers are included at no additional cost. Groups will travel this way unless it is stated in the trip description that the program is van supported.                                                                           
Equipment. For a touring trip you will need a bicycle that has 15-27 gears, weighs less than 30 pounds and is fitted with a rear rack and two water bottles. If you have a mountain bike, you can use it but it is recommended that you put high-pressure road tires on the bike for any intermediate level or higher rated program. You will also need items like a helmet, bike gloves, panniers (if you have your own) and a sleeping bag and pad. Some rental equipment is available. Information about rentals, clothing and equipment is available from us upon request and is included in the packet you'll receive when you sign up for your trip.                                                            
Introductory Trips: On these trips you don't need any experience in bicycle travel, you only need to know how to ride a bike. Anyone can succeed at this level, even if the participant has never biked outside of his/her own neighborhood. On average, most beginner level touring trips travel 20-30 miles per day or about 3-4 hours per day. Most routes on these itineraries can be shortened if necessary. You will find that there are many activity days interspersed with travel days on this level trip. Most students choose this level to get a taste of bicycle touring and to find out what it's all about.

Beginner Trips: These programs are very similar to the introductory level. The main difference is that you and your group may travel the miles a little faster. There will still be plenty of time to explore, enjoy the beach, and make the most of your indoor accommodations.


Intermediate Trips: At this level, bike trip experience isn't necessary, but it is helpful to be in fairly good physical condition. You will be cycling longer distances, averaging 35+ miles a day, with fewer activity days in between. This level is good for a student who is active, wants a challenge or has completed a beginner level trip.                                                               
Advanced Trips: On an advanced trip, being in good physical condition is a must. You will be cycling on average 55 miles a day and have one or two activity days a week. Previous bike trip experience is helpful but not essential. Determination and perseverance are more important than experience to accomplish longer hours spent on your bike.


Why Mountain Biking?                                                                                                                   Mountain Biking is a great sport for all levels of riders. Mountain biking opens the door to a collection of trails in pristine areas that will expand your world and taste for adventure. If you already love to ride on single track, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy riding on the premier mountain biking trails in the country. For those of you new to mountain biking, we can take you on the best beginner trails in New England and North Carolina. At any level, you'll learn new skills and gain the confidence to venture safely into more challenging terrain. We will teach you how to bike safely in order to protect both yourself and the environment. Your leaders will take the time to teach you how to fix your bike and learn any "tricks" that you may want to try.  Whether your trip takes you to Utah, North Carolina, or New England you'll find growth and adventure at every turn! 


What is a typical day? Most days begin by enjoying a big breakfast, packing up lunch and snacks before a final bike check and then hitting the trails. The group rides right from where they are staying or takes a van shuttle to the trailhead. During a typical ride there are rest breaks, snacks and time to enjoy the scenery. The amount of riding you do each day depends on the level of your trip. On each trip, there are a host of fun and exciting opportunities for you and your group to enjoy. We leave as many decisions up to the group as possible for riding and activity days; some groups may decide to ride a shorter trail to leave time for going into town, while others may choose to ride on an activity day. Each group is unique and you will have the opportunity to add your voice and opinion into the decision making on your trip. In the evenings, time is spent maintaining bikes, cooking a big dinner, and going over the maps to plan the next day's ride. There is also the opportunity to watch a movie and eat out in town if your group decides to.  Our leaders incorporate evening activities and games into the trip that fill in any spaces with challenges and fun that create an exceptional group experience                                    
Van-support All of our mountain bike trips are van supported. We carry tools, gear, food and other items from one campsite, hostel, or lodge to the next. This system allows for more biking and activity and less time spent setting up camp.  We typically stay at a site for 3-6 days and ride the trails in the area before moving on to the next place.

Can I do it? If you are willing to work with your group, keep a positive attitude, put energy into succeeding and improving yourself, then yes, you can! It helps to choose the appropriate trip for your ability level.  We focus on teaching mountain bike skills that maximize your fun
and safety on the trail. With your leaders' support and a positive attitude, you are sure to
overcome the trips' challenges and come away with a sense of accomplishment and pride. 
Equipment For a mountain bike trip you will need a mountain bike with 24-27 gears. The bike must weigh less than 30 pounds, have front suspension, two water bottle cages (unless you carry a Camel Bak) and knobby tires. In addition, you will need personal gear such as a helmet, eye protection, gloves, a sleeping bag and pad. Some rental equipment is available. Information about rentals, clothing and equipment is available on our website
and is included in the packet you'll receive when you sign up for your trip.
Accommodations: On our introductory and beginner level programs, most of the accommodations are camping with facilities. On intermediate programs many nights will be spent indoors and on advanced level programs you will find all indoor accommodations; from your own private condo complete with hot tub to four star hotels. 

Introductory trips: If you would like to experience the thrills of mountain biking, but have never been off road before, an introductory level program will teach you everything you need to know to have fun and stay safe. Bikes are provided if you need one. Anyone can participate in a program at this level.
Beginner trips: This level is for those with little or no off-road experience. The vast majority of young people can participate and succeed at this level. On the beginner level, you'll find a gentle progression toward more technical trails and skills. 
Intermediate trips: At this level some trail experience or fairly good athletic ability is important. If you don't have experience when you sign up, you can spend weekends in the spring getting used to riding off road before your trip starts. We start with moderate trails and the trip will progress faster than the beginner level. 
Advanced trips: On this level solid mountain bike skills and good athletic ability are required for the safety and enjoyment of you and your group. We ride more advanced and extended trails which require greater perseverance and finesse.  These trips are not for new mountain bikers; experience on the trails is a prerequisite.



Our multi-adventure programs are designed to accommodate all ability levels and interests. Our adventure programs are excellent for their adaptability and their multi-adventure style.  They run on the same organizational premise as our mountain biking and road touring programs but vary in the adventure format.  Unlike our mountain biking or road touring programs, you don't need to excel in any one activity in order to have a good time on our adventure programs.  Instead, all you need to bring is a good attitude, a willingness to explore new activities, and a desire to help support other members of your group in their new endeavors.  Our adventure programs introduce you to a wide variety of outdoor activities and we teach you everything you need to know in order to be successful and safe.  These trips are ideal for those who want to experience a lot of different activities and travel to exciting destinations.


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