• Coast to Coast

    The ultimate cycling adventure!

    On this incredible journey, you will take a more northern route, traveling through nine states. We will travel with prevailing winds, starting in the west and finishing on the sandy shores of the Virginia Beach in the east. This adventure is more than the personal challenge of riding your bike across the country, this is your chance to help children with cancer attend summer camp by raising money for Camp Quality. Camp Quality USA is a nonprofit volunteer organization that provides free summer camping experiences and year-round support programs for children with cancer and their families. Camp Quality is volunteer-run and community-funded. Over 1500 volunteers nationwide make Camp Quality a reality by giving of their time and skills to plan, implement and fundraise for the programs. One hundred percent of every dollar donated from this program will go directly towards programming.
    Camp Quality USA currently serves over 600 children each summer with the following programs: Camp Quality Arkansas, Camp Quality Illinois, Camp Quality Heartland (Iowa/Nebraska), Camp Quality Kentucky, Camp Quality Louisiana, Camp Quality Michigan, Camp Quality Central Missouri, Camp Quality Greater Kansas City, Camp Quality Northwest Missouri, Camp Quality Ozarks, Camp Quality Ohio, Camp Quality Oregon and Camp Quality Texas.
    Each participant will be responsible for raising money before the start of the trip and will then actively promote their mission while crossing the country. Along the way, periodic visits will be arranged with various fire departments and cultural centers. Media packets will be sent out ahead of the group in order to create publicity for the group and the charity. Not only will this benefit Camp Quality USA, but it will also be an excellent avenue for the participants to become involved with a charitable organization while continuously relating their cause to a wide assortment of people throughout the trip.  It all adds up to a tremendously special and rewarding experience for everyone involved.     

    Though undoubtedly a monstrous feat, cycling across the country is far more dependant upon perseverance and a positive attitude than on skill or experience.  Anyone who is in good physical shape and knows how to ride a bicycle can cycle from coast-to-coast.  With two superb leaders guiding the expedition, the coast-to-coast trip will take place over 60 days as the group travels through California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, and Virginia.  Unlike most cross-country tours, the participants will be responsible for not only working successfully within their own group out on the road, but also for enthusiastically attracting support from the media, community groups, and interested individuals along the way. While both physically and mentally challenging, the reward of making such an incredibly generous contribution will create an endearing and life-long appreciation for volunteer achievement and service among each participant.  Without a doubt, cycling Coast-to-Coast raising support and awareness for Camp Quality USA will be an unforgettable experience. 

    Sample Itinerary

    6/18 Trip leaders arrive in San Francisco

    6/19 Group arrives in SF, Welcome, etc

    6/20 Media launch at Justin Herman Plaza 9am Pleasants Valley 55 miles

    6/21 Folsom Lake 55 miles

    6/22 Jenkins Lake 55 miles

    6/23 Woodfords 60 miles

    6/24 Rest Day

    6/25 Lahouton Reservoir 70 miles

    6/26 Cold Springs Station 70miles

    6/27 Austin 55 miles

    6/28 Eureka 70 miles

    6/29 Ely 80 miles

    6/30 Baker/Great Basin National Park 60 miles

    7/1 Rest Day

    7/2 Milford, UT 90 miles

    7/3 Cedar City 55 miles

    7/4 Panguitch Lake 50 miles

    7/5 Escalante 80 miles

    7/6 Torrey 65 miles

    7/7 Dirty Devil River 95 miles

    7/8 Natural Bridges National Monument 50 miles

    7/9 Rest Day

    7/10 Monticello 65 miles

    7/11 Dolores, CO 60 miles

    7/12 Telluride 60 miles

    7/13 Montrose 65 miles

    7/14 Blue Mesa Reservoir 60 miles

    7/15 Monarch Pass 55 miles

    7/16 Westcliff 65 miles

    7/17 Ordway  (hostel) 105miles

    7/18 Rest Day

    7/19 Sheridan Lake 80 miles

    7/20 Dighton, KS 100 miles

    7/21 Larned, 100 miles

    7/22 Newton 95 miles

    7/23 Toronto 95 miles

    7/24 Girard 100 miles

    7/25 Ashgrove, MO 80 miles

    7/26 Fairview 95 miles

    7/27 Ellington 85 miles

    7/28 Rest Day

    7/29 Ozora 90 miles

    7/30 Goreville, IL 90 miles

    7/31 Clay, KY 95 miles

    8/1 Falls of Rough 90 miles

    8/2 Mammoth Cave loop 102 miles

    8/3 Bardstown 90 miles

    8/4 Berea 95 miles

    8/5 Chavies 90 miles

    8/6 Breaks, VA 90 miles

    8/7 Damascus (hostel) 75 miles

    8/8 Rest Day

    8/9 Draper 85 miles

    8/10 Troutville 75 miles

    8/11 Reeds Gap 85 miles

    8/12 Mineral 100 miles

    8/13 Glendale 80 miles

    8/14 Yorktown 60 miles

    8/15 Virginia Beach

    8/16 Fly Home


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